Welcome to Swasraya Special School

The history of our school dates back to 1991 when our principal & Director, Mrs. Shanta Menon, settled down in Thrissur and decided to begin a vocational center, for the hearing impaired at her residence, under the name of DARE (Developmental Activities in Rehabilitative Education) in June 1991. The ten years of experience in the field of special education from REACH (Society for Remedial Education Assessment Counseling Handicapped) located at 18/2/A/3,Uday Sankar Sarani, Golf Green,Kolkata-700095, a society ,which has been doing yeoman service in the field of special Education & Vocational Training at Kolkata under the guidance of the Executive Director Dr.(Mrs.)Purobie Bose ,proved invaluable.

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Special Child Development Centre

The organisation added the swasraya centre for South India in Thrissur, in 1991, with 5 hearing impaired girls;the centre began in Shanta Menon's home and is now in it's own building in Kuttur; Shanta's first exposure to disability was through her sister who suffered brain damage due to injury.

Swasraya Trustees

The new SWASRAYA CHARITABLE TRUST was registered on 23rd may 2016.
The founder members of the trust are as below:

  • Mrs. Shantha Menon

  • Mr. T. Krishkumar

  • Mrs. Usha Pattabhiraman

  • Mr. V. Surendran

Vision and Mission

To work towards an improved quality of life and the total integration of children / persons with disabilities in the societies to which they belong.
To contribute without political, religious or social prejudice, to the full social recognition of the human rights of children specifically children / persons with disability, especially the right of education.

After twenty four years of dedicated and fruitful services,
we are now poised for further growth.


“SWASRAYA” has definitely come a very long way , in this 24 years and that could not have been possible without the active support and encouragement of our sincere well-wishers , philanthropists , parents etc.

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Main Streaming

Children with high abilities after the initial phase of training at Swasraya are encouraged to attend regular Schools. Periodic guidance & evaluation of their progress is done through parents & teachers of the respective Schools. Children also attend Swasraya on a part-time basis for a while to continue receiving the special care before becoming full-fledged students at the regular school.


To provide a conducive environment for the overall development of the differently abled by highlighting their strengths, so as to make them productive, contributing & proud citizens of this country.

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We have well qualified and experienced team to take care of our students for giving training and make them to lead a normal life. We ensure that all the students are benefited through our programmes.

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We have received various awards for our services towards the upliftment of students in our school. These awards helped us to face all the difficulties in the path of success.

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Success Stories

Santosh with Cerebral PalsySantosh is a boy with Cerebral Palsy, and needed physio therapy for his physical disabilities. He had above average intelligence and had joined regular curriculum after initial training at Swasraya. He cleared his 10th exam and rejoined Swasraya in 2013 and is an independent worker at the vocational unit. The highlight of his training was when he received two gold medals at the South zone level and Bronze medal at the national level Abilympics meet for waste re-use and computer poster designing.

Ashiq Rasheed with Cerebral Palsy Ashiq Rasheed is a boy with Cerebral Palsy and has a history of Epilepsy since his birth and has been on treatment for the same till date. In addition he has perception problem and Intellectual disability which hindered his academic progress. He joined Swasraya in 2009. Ashiq managed to overcome all his disabilities and made a steady progress clearing his class 4th and 7th level exams through the continuing educational programme. His performance at the class 10th level exam with seven “A+” and three “A” was the talk of the town.

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